Adwords/ PPC Advertising

Google AdWords/ PPC advertising is the most profitable and popular form of online advertising. It is ever-changing and time-consuming, and with the help of the in-house team of AdWords/PPC Advertising specialist, we manage complex PPC campaigns. And thus, we are named among #1 Adwords/ PPC Advertising Service Providers. We make sure analytics and conversion tracking are set up correctly.

Step 1

Define performance goals, analyze cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition and revenue, and then craft a clear plan to ensure our services provide you with the best ROI.

Step 4

Develop best-in-class ad copy & creative with our experiences, data analysis, and testing abilities to create best experience for your audience.

Step 2

Implement necessary strategies to advanced tracking options. It helps in achieving consistent results through research, implementation and optimization.

Step 5

Optimize Landing Pages by using unique and tested CRO methodology to get the best conversion rates for your pages.

Step 3

Build Keywords and Targeting and tries to maximize each bid in your campaign. We refine the account or build a new one for our clients by removing poor ads and keywords.

Step 6

Create Bidding Strategy, Monitor, Report & Refine strategies on a daily basis to ensure you are never overpaying.

Facebook Advertising

Softech Web Solution is the # 1 advertising Firm for FaceBook, Instagram & Snapchat. Every business needs FaceBook Advertising to powerful targeting the customers and connects instantly on mobile. Share your unique story through ad formats such as images, videos, carousel and canvas ads with our Facebook Advertising Services.

Whether you are new to Facebook Advertising, run a few ads or looking for someone who will run your campaigns correctly to produce a positive ROI, we act as your active partner to solve your Facebook Advertisement related all worries with a dedicated team of account manager, copywriter, video editor, designer, and analyst.

We help you in:
  • Getting started with Facebook Ads and run it correctly
  • Day-to-day management of ads on Facebook and implements the best practices to increase ROI
  • Use of advanced optimization and implementation of technology to ensure your campaigns will achieve maximum results.
  • Things we manage with your Facebook Account for advertising:
  • Manage AD Spending with a focus on ROI
  • Build Custom Audiences to target from campaigns
  • Create custom chat experiences for your customers on Messenger
  • Verify the Facebook pixel is installed and tracked correctly
  • Help you re-reach the people who have visited your site
  • Show product ads to people who viewed your product pages
  • Help you implement ad tech for advanced accounts
  • Monitor, analyze and report on your ad accounts

Web Advertising & Marketing

With our quality, effective and affordable Web Advertising & Marketing services we provide opportunity to businesses to boost their exposure on the internet. We have the best in class team to promote your website saving your precious time and money. We do the proper research and brainstorming befre starting any campaign, establish the target audience and media selection, and determine the most economical package to fit your needs.

Our Process

  • Collect Ideas
  • Develop Strategy
  • Apply Magic Techniques & Touch
  • Finalize & Report