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Advanced Hotel And Restaurant Management Software On Cloud:

Softech Web Solutions is a cloud-based hotel and restaurant management software from Softech Web Solutions, one of the top providers of ERP solutions in GCC. It is a VAT compliant hotel management software system that caters to the requirements of hotels, restaurants and other hospitality enterprises.

Softech Web Solutions is a comprehensive hotel management system. From managing table-booking to billing and accounting, it covers all aspects of your restaurant business. Its user-friendly interface enables restaurant managers to oversee and control all operations, whether in the kitchen or at the tables.

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Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Kitchen Management

Increase operational pace and quality

Softech Web Solutionse-RMS is equipped with modules for complete restaurant and kitchen management. Right from table reservation, allotment, transfer, movement or merging of tables, to food orders, preparation and serving, there is no aspect of restaurant and table management that is left uncovered by this software.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Well-Organized Table Management

Mobile-based order taking

Waiters can access our mobile restaurant POS system on their phones to take orders. The mobile POS also includes features to add written comments for the chef, send messages, split bills, select tables and manage void, open and recall orders for efficient service.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Hotel Management Software

Online reservations and deliveries

Our hotel management software is equipped with modules to function as a full-fledged online hotel reservation system. It also facilitates simplified home deliveries, allowing you to assign drivers, enable driver logins and track delivery time, right from the admin panel.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Inventory Management

Automated restocking features

Use our restaurant software to automate all major aspects of inventory management including planning, monitoring and restocking of material. The restaurant ERP solution empowers the managers to track purchase orders and based on menu, analyze inventory consumed and stock reconciliation.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Data Sync

With real-time operations tracking

As a cloud-based hotel management software, Softech Web Solutionse-RMS features data synchronization, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location support. It is also equipped with home delivery tracker, feedback management, gift voucher, sales, discount management, schemes/promos and loyalty programs.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Software
Dynamic Pricing

Implement multiple pricing structures

Softech Web Solutionse-RMS restaurant management system supports multiple pricing structures that can be defined based on time duration, location, guest, food ordered, promotional schemes, and currency. Use the restaurant POS system to effortlessly manage pricing for single and multi-location outlets.

Benefits Of Using Our ERP Hotel Management Software:


Gain 360-Degree Visibility

Softech Web Solutions provides you with dynamic reporting capabilities through accurate data for timely decisions. The hotel management system helps you compare current and previous data and allows you generate specific reports based on location, MIS, inventory, purchase orders and more.

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AI in restaurant industry – Integrate AIFA with Softech Web Solutions

Looking for an AI for restaurants? Explore AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications, Softech Web Solutions’s very own AI platform. Automate tasks and enhance customer experience with the custom-built AI for hospitality establishments. Deploy robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition to modernise services, drive revenue and speed up growth

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