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Static websites are the most basic type of website and they are simple to develop. They don’t require web programming and database design. These are generally informative form of websites. Static website can be developed by creating a few HTML pages and publishing them on web server via HTTP. HTML is very powerful markup language to develop such static site. These websites are also known to be flat page or Stationary page. Static websites are suitable for the content which is rarely to be updated.

A static website is a type of website which remains stationary. Moreover, you can say that a static website is the one which is the same for every visitor who comes to your website. It is a collection of simple web pages which looks the same to every user. It is very easy to design because it does not require a lot of codes. It can be made by using minimum coding techniques. Softech Web Solutions Ads has been working in the field of website designing from a long period of time and has Eight years of experience for the same.

As Business is growing, the expectations of the people also increase. Today most of the people access internet through smart phones. 74 percent of the people will leave unresponsive sites. Static responsive website is an approach towards crafting sites to provide optimal viewing and interaction experience-easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, scrolling and panning across devices ranging from desktop computer to monitor to mobile phones. Here are some steps for converting a static website to static responsive website:

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100+ Features Of Static Website Designing

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